Hello everyone.  Long time no see.  Life has been CHAOTIC.  We’ve had weird health problems, lots of stress, crazy schedules, THE SUMMER to deal with, I started working at a little part time job that I wasn’t looking for but they needed me so I’m doing it…. Pppthbbbtht.   

I have felt out of control for a while, and I don’t like that feeling AT ALL.  With our weird health problems, a couple of different friends have suggested DoTerra’s Essential Oils to help treat them.  My sweet friend Cindy had even given me some as gifts and I thought they were very helpful – PastTense, a blend for headaches and stress, actually DID ease my migraines!  And Serenity, a calming blend of oils, was very soothing for my stressed out days.

Anyway.  I decided I wanted to explore my options further, so I paid the small ($35) fee to become a consultant so I could get all my DoTerra products for 25% off.  And my family is loving it when I diffuse Citrus Bliss to elevate the mood in our home – it seriously smells delicious – or when I rub balance on my childrens’ feet to calm them down after a very active day.  And one of my children responds really well to peppermint, and has been trying to find a way to smell peppermint when he is studying.  Peppermint oil – boom.

And I am fascinated with how these oils can help clear up health problems.  Did you know Oregano oil can painlessly remove warts?  My awesome friend Annie did that for her kindergartener instead of painfully freezing off a bunch with one of those store kits.  And clove oil will ease a tooth ache, applying on your JAW, not on the inside of your mouth. :)  And if you have a bruise, put a little helichrysum, geranium, fennel or DeepBlue on it, it will speed up healing!  LOTS of other cool things – check out http://everythingessential.me/ to look up your woes and ailments and see what oils can do for you.

ALSO.  There’s a new blend called Slim & Sassy (which, I don’t love the name) that naturally suppresses appetite and aids weight loss. I have 2 friends who have both lost about 40 pounds each, and they attribute it to Slim & Sassy (they didn’t increase their exercise, this oil just helped them eat less basically).  This blend is Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon.

All of doTerra oils are CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – which means they are the highest quality and meet the strictest standards.  That’s why I trust doTerra oils, I know that these oils will always give me the results I expect because they are produced in the best possible ways.  I have more info on this but this is getting to be a long post.

If you want more information on essential oils, you can look around my doTerra site:


If this is interesting to you, and you want to know how to get 25% off all your doTerra stuff all the time, with no minimum order requirements or monthly fee, earn reward points for free products with the Loyalty Rewards Program (an optional program), order and track your own purchases, and get your own business website where you can sell to your friends and family if you want, and make a little business for yourself – also purely optional.  

I thought it was a pretty cool deal.  :)